My coffee

First try in english ( sorry )

When i open my eyes at 6 o’clock, i give the breath to my little boy first. 

But since 30 mns, i just think to my coffee. My preciouuusssss! 

Before, i must dress my girls, quickly, because if i give them time to understand i choose the clothes for them, it could be the DRAMA. So in 2 mns, i become the FLASH!

After that, i can dress myself too! Youhouu!

I go to my kitchen surch the precious but before i prepare the breakfast for my monsters. I see my cup of coffee, with sugar on it. It call me « helloooooo, drinkkkk me » 

But they ask a movie sooooo i surch the laptop and i put this fucking movie. 

Now, can i just take 10 mns for me, my coffee and my cigarets?! Nooooooo!

My baby boy call me, sorry, screaming, and i just want to cry BUT i keep the smile and i go. 

10 mns later, it’s time for me and my coffee. It’s cold but i don’t have time to put it in the microwave so anyway. I go out, drink and smoke and now my day starting. Yeahhhh

My mum’s day. Without picture camera or book. Just me and my baby. It’s hard but it’s my mum’s work for… The rest of my life?

Oh oh… I whisper « no way! » 


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